Hookah Nites!

I suggest Hookah Nites, it’s in Greenwood Indiana, right outside Indianapolis. Just a few miles out. I know the owner and he’s a great guy w/ great prices. I’ve made good friends that still frequent the place. Also have a full alcohol and beer bar. Great drink prices. I suggest the paan flavor hookah, or Sex on the Beach. CHOW! 

Edit: Thank you so much! Alcohol is always a plus (: I’ll check it out

Hookah Bars - Indianapolis

Does anyone know of any decent hookah bars in Indianapolis that are close to the convention center / old stadium? I’ll be there towards the end of the week for a convention!


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Scent based search engine


Hookah and beer



anesh01 asked: i was wondering if i can use a photo of yours in my FB album, im a hookah wholesaler and am working on a hookah album

fine by me